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Features of Attendance & Leave Management FieldBlaze

What is FieldBlaze Attendance & Leave Management?

An Attendance & Leave Management is a software solution designed to streamline and automate the process of recording employee attendance, managing leave requests, and tracking time-off within an organization. This system typically allows employees to clock in and out, records their work hours, tracks attendance in real-time, and facilitates the application and approval of leave requests. It aims to centralize and organize attendance data, making it easier for HR departments to manage employee schedules, monitor absenteeism, calculate leave balances, and ensure compliance with company policies and regulations. This eliminates human error and ensures impeccable data, guaranteeing a streamlined and precise attendance system. Beyond Attendance, an Attendance & Leave Management isn't just about tracking time. It also simplifies leave management, allowing employees to easily submit and track leave requests through the same platform. This streamlines approval processes and provides clear visibility into staff availability, helping maintain operational efficiency.

Benefits for Everyone

For Employee:


No more clunky timesheets! Employees can seamlessly mark their attendance and submit leave requests through user-friendly mobile apps, boosting engagement and transparency.


No more forgotten punches or miscalculations. An Attendance & Leave Management ensures everyone gets compensated fairly for their exact time worked, strengthening trust and employee satisfaction.

For HR:

Effortless Payroll

Real-time data lets you process payroll accurately and promptly, keeping everyone happy and finances on track.

Automated Reporting

Say goodbye to tedious manual reports! Automated calculations and reports free up valuable time for strategic HR initiatives.

Improved Insights

Gain valuable insights into employee working patterns and leave trends, allowing you to optimize schedules and workforce planning.



Streamlines attendance tracking and leave management processes, reducing manual effort and errors in recording and managing attendance data.


Provides real-time and accurate data on employee attendance, helping in better decision-making and resource allocation.


Ensures adherence to company policies and regulatory requirements regarding attendance, leaves, and time-off.


Ensures adherence to company policies and regulatory requirements regarding attendance, leaves, and time-off, Time-Saving.

Core Features of FieldBlaze Attendance & Leave Management


Real-Time Attendance Dashboard

Gain instant insights into your workforce with a single, intuitive dashboard. See who's present, on leave, or absent at a glance, and eliminate the need for frantic phone calls and headcounts.


Total Working Hours

Say goodbye to complex spreadsheet calculations! FieldBlaze lets you create custom shifts and automatically track working hours, ensuring accurate payroll and eliminating manual errors.


Attendance Form Capture

Capture essential form data directly during the punch-in/out process, eliminating the need for separate forms and saving valuable time.


Verify Employee Count

No more wondering who's where. FieldBlaze automatically verifies the number of employees at any location, providing real-time visibility and enhancing security.


Mobile Attendance App

Ditch the paper punch cards! Your employees can conveniently clock in and out through a user-friendly mobile app, streamlining attendance tracking and boosting employee engagement.


Self-Service Portal

Give employees access to their own attendance records and leave balances, fostering transparency and ownership.

Watch How it Works

Watch the full walkthrough of Attendance & Leave Management and check out how it works on user end.

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About FieldBlaze

FieldBlaze is one of the best Field Sales Management in India, built to provide a boost to the decentralized world of Field Force. It is a one-stop solution for all your Field Services Management. You can Stake, Analyze, Expense Track, Track Attendance and do much more with your FieldBlaze Management Services.

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